Thursday, February 23, 2012

yes i am...

love,peace and respect

billa lissa berkata kata


love,peace and respect

Sunday, February 19, 2012


*i have a story...


*pastoo aku g carik adik too,,n bagitau hal sebenar..lega hati aku.

love,peace and respect

Kenangan yang perlu disemat..

-computer science department have a trip to shah alam.We are going to International Business machine(IBM) for some explore..All members are 72 person and our lectures Madam Azlin,Madam Norbaya and Sir Suhardi guide us there..All of us very excited because we will get new knowledges and share with friends.Lets us imagine a world without free knowledge,sure we are good at nothing..There,we went to ICT,Times Square,Lowyard and other places..Of course we take a lots of pictures.I am crazy of camera..haha-
(just practice for muet)
*some pictures for "kenangan"*

*_here at IBM with free gift_*

*_me and friends_*

*_reflection of us_*

*build a smarter planet_*

*_here we go_*

*_i love the colour of the tree_*

 *_glad to be there_*

*_my friend:Khairul Najah*


love,peace and respect